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Happy Valentines Day

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2/14/2009 -- Happy Valentines Day

If you forgot to get flowers today: excellent. Here's your (very reasonable) excuse to not bring flowers home:

"A flower, like a human, is two-thirds water. The amount of water a typical [Kenyan] floral exporter therefore ships to Europe each year equals the annual needs of a town of 20,000 people. During droughts, flower factories with production quotas stick siphons into Lake Naivasha, a papyrus-lined, freshwater bird and hypo sanctuary [...]. Along with water, they suck up entire generations of fish eggs. What trickles back whiffs of the chemical trade-off that keeps the bloom on a rose flawless all the way to Paris. [...]

The rotting tissues of hippo carcasses reveal the secret to perfect bouquets: DDT and, 40 times more toxic, Dieldrin - pesticides banned in countries whose markets have made Kenya the world's number-one rose exporter." (From: Alan Weisman, "The world without us")

May we suggest?: Buy her more flowers for Valentines than ever! :)

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090216 173138 from admin [wk]

Should have mentioned: the Africa/Europe relationship here has its pendant in the Americas. Columbia is well known for its cut-flower industry.
Some background can be found at; lazy as we are, here some cut-and-paste:
"Beautiful cut flowers, harvested in mountainous regions of Columbia or Ecuador, refrigerated, then rushed to delivery in the US, are a miracle of our modern globalized economy. [] However, both the farming practices used and the sheer number of miles of refrigerated rapid transit involved mean that South American cut flowers are a luxury we can no longer afford, and certainly are not worthy of favorable trade incentives."

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