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1/17/2009 -- Something completely unrelated

While reviewing our entry on NPR (we are linked on the local WVPE green pages :)), I found a story about a PC game which is so different I found it worth mentioning here: goal is to find the most indirect, roundabout solution possible. It's more about finding a creative solution, than any solution. Graphics deliberately look - unlike what you may have in mind about PC games - like scribbled by a five-year old, and the principle is everyday physics (realistically put into a game though!).

And it's addictive - already the free demo version.

I should tell you the name though: "Crayon Physics Deluxe" .

Completely unrelated to ysmad. Let me ... hm ... think of a way ... er ... yes! It's a green product! Will be rolled out only online via download - no cardboard-packaged CD being shipped across oceans! ;) - at least not planned currently according to the author's website.

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