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Winter bluebirds

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1/11/2009 -- Winter bluebirds

Last Saturday we had a little birthday get-together at our house (no, we are not revealing whose birthday it was and the age!) and were talking about our bluebirds that we had nesting in our yard last summer. We haven't seen the bluebird family for a while now as most of them migrate south for the winter. BUT speaking of it three bluebirds showed up (in company with some sparrows) and made themselves comfortable in our maple tree just outside the kitchen window. In summer they were so shy but not this time - they sat there and showed their colors without being bothered by us standing at the windows watching them. Unfortunately we did not have our camera handy as this would have been the perfect picture. :( But it was the perfect birthday gift nevertheless!

And speaking of birthday gifts - there was another very nice birthday gift: the (symbolic) adoption of a gray wolf. The donor got the idea on our website and thought of it as the perfect gift - which it is. And it might also give you a little hint whose birthday it was :)

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