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11/21/2008 -- Decadence

The current financial crisis actually is not a good topic to make fun about. It will come back to a lot of us. But yesterday's news were too absurd to miss out on :) Did you see the reports about the "big three" showing up in Washington and politely asking (well, in fact not even politely if you saw it) for some 25 billion dollars?

Jon Stewart had a hard time topping that real-life satire in his show (but LOL! :) ). Coming with private jets, the CEOs had to face questions wether they could not have "downgraded to first class" or at least could not have "jet-pooled" - hilarious! :o)

I like the fact that such questions have been asked at all, even if one may say this is not the time for finger-pointing or similar mischievous fuss. It indeed would have been a nice gesture flying commercial, but that apparently did not come to mind. A little more than status symbols, but it seems convenience and decadence prevails, even with one's back to the wall. [Bear with me, but that again reminds me of the Easter Islanders, whose chiefs kept building their stone statues - bigger, higher, more extravagant - even with their surrounding already going south (described in the already cited book "Collapse")]

More examples, where it's very questionable if the "status" is worth the damage? Found that recently: you can buy yourself cigars which cost around 500 dollars (a piece), where you can let real gold go up in smoke . Compare blog entry "gold" from May what the flipside is.

We humans also take the liberty to fly a Lamborghini 6500 miles for an oil change .

Or - a tiny little bit more on the sane side - invest in more than 3,000,000 Watt of artificial light to drive in circles at night (Singapore F1 2008 - apologize to pick that example, motor sport fans).

I admit these are extremes, and not having them 'per se' would not make much of a difference. But they send out a signal that waste and consumption (and greed?) are opportune, as long as one can afford it (monetary). There is quite a gap between such extremes and the daily life :), but seems to me the same can be found on all levels.

And so it goes all the way down from the private-jet-flying CEOs to the fly-for-status middle class ... and further all the way to our daily groceries: It's not unlikely that if you buy some already plastic-foil and styrofoam-packed chicken plus some airtight sealed cosmetics, customer service will obligingly wrap each item in its own additional bag - and then be astonished if you show some lack of understanding. That happens. Let me put a final preachy verdict here: that's how far we've come.

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Although I proof-read ALL of the postings (currently) before putting them online, I deliberately put the previous here. SO much praise from "alumininum composite panels" :D. Google for it: millions of these. We humans are funny. I take that as a less severe example of how our technology vastly magnifies our human nature. There is just no technological gadget yet which will make our ethics keep up with technology.

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