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9/2/2008 -- ysmad 1.0

OK, we declare this site officially and finally as opened. We removed the side note about the "temporary status until 9/1/08" (which was there mainly to put ourselfes under pressure anyway). Although visitor numbers have been "manageable" since we are online, ysmad is already proud sponsor of a local Volleyball team! .. Shirt sponsor at least .. :-)

Finally also the big outing, you guessed it - this site is also a proving ground for getting my hands a bit into web development. So far, it proves to be all about 3 letter acronyms and figuring out which company's software does not comply with which web standards ;) E.g. since last week, in "most" browsers you can see a picture within each of the homepage's green tip tooltips (if you have JavaScript turned on). That's a bit kitschy?! I agree somewhat. Anyway - it was some effort, so we'll leave it in - and in any event it's the content that counts! :)

It's purely by chance by the way, that today's the release day of yet another browser on the market (google's "Chrome") to validate this site against. Keeps us busy.

If you have a spare minute - we are always happy to receive feedback, of any kind; too bold offenses we'll kindly ignore.

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