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7/31/2008 -- Technical stuff

Almost two weeks since the last blog entry?! The time reserved for ysmad got used up by non-content topics. I dealt with Microsoft's extravagances in regards to HTML and CSS, with URL redirections (a mess of my own making ...) and strange sitemap tools. Man, these ain't the most plausible things to work with.

Let me think ... will I devote nights and weekends to make this site stumble upon digg hugg face spurl sphinn fark furl kaboodle(!) slash dot net kicks compatible?! Let me have your advice where to start. Meanwhile I keep contemplating if this site should follow the or idea. Also here, any piece of advice is greatly appreciated.

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090410 232812 from admin [wk]

They got me. As you can see on this page, we are starting being stumble-reddit-digg-buzz-twitter-compatible. Brave new world ...

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