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Bluebirds - well ... birds in general

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7/14/2008 -- Bluebirds - well ... birds in general

The other day a friend told me about bluebirds and that they got somewhat rare (relatively to what they had been). So we screwed together a nesting box and hung it on our neighbour's fence :) Now guess what, this weekend a pair had some fun in our backyard and decided to pick our VERY attractive looking box :) So let there be 2-3 more weeks and we hope we can post some pretty pictures.

Um ... thinking of a way to put a moralizing undertone to this blog entry ... now here it goes: did you know that bluebirds once were as common as today the robin? With clearing of forests and more agressive, introduced species we managed to bring this bird to the edge of becoming an endangered species. We were just lucky that bluebirds accepted man-made cavities to nest in, not only (old) trees and alike. The WIRED article comes to mind, which was topic of the blog entry of 6/24. In that magazine article it was suggested to cut all trees early in order to make room for new growth - thus maximizing CO2 reduction.

Now this might help address climate change. However, it would destroy habitat e.g. of bluebirds, as it will produce forests more prone to wildfires by the way. Wagging with the finger, here is what I think: it's all intertwined, but we still think we are able to "control" our environment. When looking closer: one measure might cure one problem, but yet creates another one. So i.m.o. there is nothing better than to start on top of the waste pyramid and don't even produce problems which need countermeasures. I.e.: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Most of the entries on ysmad's homepage fall into one of these categories. Good thing is we can also reduce thinking about active countermeasures, once all these little things become common sense. Meaning: there would not even had been a need for nesting boxes, if we hadn't been so negligent in the past.

"See - this is a perfect example that countermeasures do work!" you say? Unfortunately there seem to be a lot more examples where we were too slow, the destruction was too fast, or the side effects of countermeasures were not understood. Prominent example: the passenger pigeon, which once existed by the billions and had flocks in the sky not over a few miles, but hundreds of miles - so they say. That was 1850. Now a little "EX" on Wikipedia shows what happened within a few decades. Can you believe it? I think there would be a lot to learn from.

"That was then! - we know much better today!" - really?!

Okay, enough preachiness for today; something nice to close this entry: while surfing for some bird information I found the following picture of one of the most noble looking birds ever! :) Not endangered even, rather in a safe haven for now: a nesting loon in Alaska . Let's see if we start digging for oil right beside her.

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