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Major breakthrough at G8! :-D

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7/9/2008 -- Major breakthrough at G8! :-D

The G8 summit in Japan just ended, including new wordings regarding climate protection. While at the last summit in Germany there couldn't be reached a commitment better than "seriously considering" actions against global warming, we have now reached a new milestone: the new phrase is, that we have a "shared vision" to reduce emissions - no later than by 2050 by the way.
At this pace - what will next year's summit bring? We can be confident our world leadership will announce yet another "successful summit", "aware of the responsibilities it carries". At this point don't expect anything less than ...let's assume ... a "serious vision" to fight global warming.

Not funny actually. Is there hope we will in time realize that it's not sooo clever to throw our environment overboard for the sake of growth and more growth? Isn't it a fair assumption that this growth will end anyway with current lifestyles, as the resources of this planet are finite? I think it's even fair to say this is a fact.
However, all this is a little inconvenient as it might require a change in our standard of living. So - rather exploit unconcerned today than plan ahead for tomorrow - <overdramatization?>what's at stake is just the convenience of having a planet able to sustain us</overdramatization?>.
Al Gore looking at a picture with scales that hold some gold bars on one side and a globe on the other: "We have here a scales that balances two different things. On one side, we have gold bars! Mmmmmm, don't they look good? I'd just like to have some of those gold bars. Mmmmm. On the other side of the scales... um... THE ENTIRE PLANET! Hmmmm...".

So while the presidents, prime ministers and chancellors of this world still fiddle with phrases, there is no need to wait for me and you: pick some of the homepage's ideas and start today. It's us anyway who need to change, not the G8 colleagues.

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