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Beetle invasion, part II

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7/6/2008 -- Beetle invasion, part II

white crab spider et al. japanese beetle With a little help from a friend we might have found out which beetle we were searching for in the previous blog entry - see picture there. It looks very much the same as the current Wikipedia's entry for "Scarabaeidae" ("Anoplognathus olivieri").
However, now on the lookout we found Japanese beetles as well! Scary ... - see picture on the right. To cite a sign we saw on a trip the other day: "beautiful but treacherous".
While doing some more backyard research, we also found this: a beautiful "tryst" of a green bottle fly, a lightning bug and a white crab spider. While the bug kept banging on the spider's head without further consequences, the fly had a rather unlucky day, i.e. encounter with the spider. We spare the subsequent pictures here ... Didn't think the spider really catches that portion of a lunch, but in fact it appears to get one daily!

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