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Beetle invasion

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7/2/2008 -- Beetle invasion

unidentified beetle Houston? We have some beetles around our 2 pear trees. Any hints what this could be? A first bet was "Japanese beetle", but we ruled that clearly out after catching one and comparing the photo to whatever creature we could find on the Internet. A matching fit however we didn't find.
Sad though - a Japanese beetle we would have redirected to our Japanese maple in the frontyard, thus killing two invasive species at the same time: the tree by the beetle and the beetle by the enormous amounts of fungicide we recently had to put on the maple. Who said we are saints?! :)

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100407 221743 from admin [wk]

A late correction on this one: it should have said "introduced", not "invasive" species - regarding the Japanese maple. At least as per the information I found on the Internet.

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