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Attention Environmentalists!

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6/24/2008 -- Attention Environmentalists!

Hah! Cover of the current WIRED magazine, 06/2008:
  Attention Environmentalists:
  Keep your SUV.
  Forget organics.
  Go nuclear.
  Screw the spotted owl.

I first thought that's meant ironic :)
But while certainly polemic, they mean it - even when there are some qualifications below the bold headlines. Make sure to also read the article on page 165 (kind of a "refutation" to some of their points): while CO2 is only one aspect of environmental concerns, all the WIRED statements focus exclusively on climate change. As written on the the ysmad homepage: we think climate change should not be seen as "the" problem, for which all other concerns have to stay back, but just another, yet serious indicator that we live beyond our means.

By the way, reading about the "spotted owl" following notes on related birds: we recently listened to a talk about birds of prey, among them Peregrin Falcons and American Kestrels, the latter of which have the remarkable ability to keep their head perfectly motionless, even if sitting on a wind-shaken branch. Amazing demonstration of "Patrick" from ReturnToTheWild :-) - a very recommendable presentation by the way.
So what? What's the point?
Did you know of that ability? We didn't. Diversity of nature can be seen as our foundation and definitely as a major source for knowledge (Bionics and Biotechnology). Maybe the mentioned species hold the key to some current or future questions? - at least the kestrel's "feature" causes major headaches to implement in modern day cameras with "image stabilization"! :-)
How can we possibly learn from millions of years of experience, if we wipe out species before we even know them ?
E.g. we almost managed to extinguish the mentioned species of falcons by spraying the pesticide DDT: only a few pairs were left in the United States.
That won't happen again? A recent example of human negligence likely is the major decline in beehives in numerous areas of the world , seen related to the usage of the pesticide "Poncho" . This case even had/has an immediate effect on us.

With that in mind read again: "Screw the spottet owl". Screw polar bears; screw coral reefs; screw anything yet unknown which might get toasted by "slash and burn" of rainforests.
Might just be we toast our foundations - and our future along with it.
Unless we start thinking about new lifestyles.

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