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Happy anniversary!

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5/25/2008 -- Happy anniversary!

Our site is online for a month now. We had some lively discussions already in Internet forums (including if our webhosting provider really makes a difference with his "CO2 free datacenter" or not - which of course was not our main focus :-)) and on barbecue evenings with friends like yesterday.
After all, this is what our site is intended for: raising awareness and bringing the topics "environmental protection" and "rational discussion on global warming" a bit more to the foreground.
We think these discussions are essential as a first step to initiate a change, and also give (at least us :)) interesting information on topics related to it. I want to point out a book which I had been made aware of in the above mentioned forum: "Collapse - How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed" (Jared Diamond) . This book, a 2005 bestseller, suggests that there a five factors which affect(ed) the fate of societies. Two of them: environmental damage and climate change.
And even more: one of the five factors is "the society's responses to its environmental problems" (!). Admittedly we didn't read the book yet, but it seems to underline what "" is all about: raising awareness and thinking of our response to environmental problems.

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