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5/3/2008 -- Gold

The other day I read about gold mining practices on "", headline "A Wedding Ring Produces 20 Tons of Waste" . Now this is definitely an opportunity to make a difference! :) If I knew that I would have thought twice about my wedding ring: for 20 grams of gold - or less than an ounce - 20 tons of of rock had to be grinded and I probably produced 20 tons cyanide contaminated debris; where I could as well have chosen recycled gold.
Just one vendor I now found on the Internet was "greenKarat". Next time I know. There is hope this gets standard anyway, as our trash yields more material - more environmentally friendly - anyway: 150 grams of gold out of a (metric) ton old mobile phones vs. 5 grams out of a mined ton .
Unfortunately, this can contribute only a small portion. According to some other Internet sources, 2500 tons of gold are produced each year with above mentioned side effects, of which around 75% is directly for jewelry. At the same time however, there are close to 100,000 tons stored readily in banks and safes to serve one purpose: to not threaten the gold price. Now call this preachy, but is this situation not ridiculous as well?
Now, reading all this you might have noticed that the math does not really fit between the sources; but there can well be doubt if a little decoration item is worth leaving a toxic mining-landscape behind.

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